Organization Studies Doctoral Program is founded in 2003. Its objective is to equip students with informed problem-solving skills and critical thinking capabilities while providing a rich theoretical background to the field. It has currently around 50 students. The program is structured to develop the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary for students to become successful researchers. It also welcomes students who pursue professional executive or consulting careers. A graduate of the Ph.D. program can hold any of these positions, depending on their research and specialization. The program indeed accommodates students from various backgrounds: business administration, sociology, psychology, economics, engineering, and/or computer science.

The program offers a broad background across a variety of underlying disciplines. During the core courses, students acquire a commitment to a specific research area (Please visit the track links for further information). These substantive courses are complemented by seminars and electives where students begin building their research streams. The program provides a solid training in quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistics to equip students with newest techniques. Courses are conducted by highly qualified academicians with extensive industrial links and experience in various disciplines of social sciences including business administration, educational sciences, statistics, and sociology so on. This unique background provides an interdisciplinary environment for the generation of creative ideas in management. The program also encourages collaboration among the faculty, as well as between students and the former.

The average PhD takes four years to complete. In the first two years of the program, students typically complete their coursework requirements. After the successful completion of courses, students are entitled to take the proficiency exam, which is composed of two parts: written and oral examinations. Successful students can commence dissertation that that focuses on an original research idea. Medium of instruction is English.

Attention to current PhD students,

Proficiency exam for 2015-16 Spring semester will be heldin the following dates. Please apply to SBE Office with your petition to attend the exam until 29 April 2016. Please note that late petitions will not be accepted and the student will have to sit the next exam on Fall 2015-16.

Written Exam (Organization Studies): 30 May 2016 (12.00) Venue: Common Room L1-209; Oral examination (Organization Studies): 1 June 2016 (TBA*) Common Room L1-209 Written Exam (Marketing): 30 May 2016 (12.00) Venue: Common Room L1-209; Oral examination (Marketing): 31 May 2016 (TBA*) Common Room L1-209

* Candidates will be informed later